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Ecstasy is the common and street name of drug MDMA (3, 4-methylenedioxy-N-methylamphetamine). It is a semi synthetic member of the amphetamine class. The drug is a psychoactive drug. It is related to the sub class of phenethylamines. There is a broad category of substance which contains the drug are such as stimulants, psychedelics, and the empathogenicentactogens.

Actions of the Ecstasy:-

Ecstasy is the psychoactive drug that directly acts negatively and damages the Central nervous system. The drug has the strong tendency to stop the functioning of the brain. The drug produces the euphoria effects that are very distinct from the other stimulants. The drug produces the sense of intimacy with others and it secrets the serotonin, norepinephrine and the dopamine from the brain and CNS that diminishes the feelings of fear and anxiety. Earlier in the past it was used for the psychotherapy processes and often couple therapy. The drug increases the level of sociability, connections with other, increases the positive emotions and reduces the defensiveness.

Side Effects of the Ecstasy:-

Ecstasy shows many side effects after the consumption. It decreases the mood and offers the depression, confusion, sleep problem, low concentration, increases heart rate and blood pressure, eye pupil dilation, and not clear vision, nystagmus, anxiety, and loss of appetite, trisma and bruxia effects.

Overdose and acute effects of Ecstasy:-

When addicted patient consumes the Ecstasy in the high quantity on the regular basis then the drug shows the extreme overdose effects. The overdose effects are Hyponatremia which causes the death of individual, low blood sodium level, Hyperthermia that is also the most important cause of death of addicted patients. In the hyperthermia problem the temperature of the body instantly increases to very high. The body is unable to maintain the body temperature. It results in the failure of kidney, liver, and the cardiovascular system.

Treatment centers:-

For the treatment of Ecstasy there are many treatment centers and drug rehabs centers which provide the medication treatment for the recovery. The expert and professional psychiatric are there who analyze their mental disorders. Counselors offer them individual and group therapies as well as advices. They provide the behavioral cognitive therapy for the behavioral; change.

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