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The common and well known name of the Marijuana is Cannabis. In Hindi it is called as Ganja. It is produces from the plant Cannabis sativa. It is a psychoactive drug. The individual who eats the marijuana on regular basis becomes the addicted for that. The drug is consisted of the dried mature flowers and leaves of the plants. It is also very narcotic by nature. The resin that comes out from the plant is also a hard drug and known as hashish.

Methods of consumptions:-

The Marijuana drug is specially consumed by the smoking methods. Addicted patents fill the Marijuana in the cigarettes and smokes. It is very popular methods of consumption. It is also used as bongs, chillums and smoking pipes. Another method of consumption is vaporization. On a certain fixed temperature the Marijuana melts and comes in the form of vapors. Another one method of the consumption is by orally. Patients directly eat it for getting the pleasure.

Actions of the Marijuana:-

The Marijuana drug is a psychoactive drug that is a chemical substance. The drug directly acts upon the Central nervous system. The drug stops the functions of the brain, that results in temporarily but instant change in the human perceptions, mood and conscience. The individual becomes the unconsciousness and it creates changes in his/her behavior. The drugs are used for the recreation purposes. The drug concentrates the mind. It is therapeutically used as a medicine. Some times it is used fir the Anesthesia purpose and the3 pain killers.

Effects of the Marijuana:-

The Marijuana drug offers various side effects in the body. The drug is very harmful for the human being. When it is used as smoking it causes the lung cancer, other lung diseases. The other common effects are depression, psychosis, bronchitis, high blood stream and schizophrenia also.

Treatment Centers:-

The treatment centers as well as drug rehabilitation centers offers the treatment programs for the Marijuana addicted patients. The professional and experienced counselors are there for provide the help and advice to the patients. They provide them the twelve step program for recovery process. They develop their self discipline quality.

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